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Awards honor academic excellence

Outstanding students, their parents and University of La Verne faculty packed Founders Auditorium Saturday for the annual academic awards ceremony.

First speech communication major wins award

With only two weeks left until graduation, Audrey Butcher has proven her commitment to reaching her goal with, as she put it, unconditional support from her family and the University of La Verne speech communication department.

Students begin planning for break

The countdown to spring break is on as students scramble to finish delayed papers and last minute projects.

LV intramurals: Why not play?

The bleachers are packed. The crowd is in a frenzy, yelling and screaming. Both teams are fighting for a win.

ULV falls short in rematch

Few games have been played, but the University of La Verne women's basketball team is already seeing the impact of its hard work. The Leopards squared off against the College of Notre Dame Argonauts on Saturday in the Supertents, and although they lost, 58-50, the game served as a good reference point in tracking their progress.

ULV women’s squad welcomes 9 new faces this season

The sounds of hard work can be heard on weeknights in the Supertents. Yells of encouragement from teammate to teammate, the basketball bouncing off the hardwood, and 13 pairs of shoes stomping down as the players change direction during sprints.

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