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Power lost after forklift downs pole

The University of La Verne campus experienced an eight- hour power outage Tuesday, forcing buildings to close and classes to be canceled on the east side of campus.

La Verne earthquake rattles students’ nerves

Hundreds of University of La Verne students were evacuated from their classrooms and dormitories around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday after an earthquake rattled the University, prompting a school-wide check for structural damage and gas leaks and interrupting the first session of many evening courses.

Students evacuated after gas leak

Students, staff and faculty were evacuated from the Oaks dormitory, Barkley, Barkley Annex and the Arts and Communications building on Tuesday after a gas line rupture caused by construction outside the Oaks sent toxic gas into the area.

Save our classroom space

From too many students being packed into a classroom, to some courses not having a room at all, this semester’s room assignments do not suit the needs of students and professors.

Three ULV buildings evacuated by gas leak Wednesday

On Wednesday Leo Hall, the Barkley Building and the Barkley Annex were evacuated after the contractor working on renovations to Leo Hall hit the natural gas main line behind the building.

Danger lurks in the alley

It’s hard to image that a small campus like the University of La Verne would have any kind of real dangers lurking around. But there is a danger lurking in a small alley that resides between the Barkley Building and Leo Hall.

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