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Heavy rains flood campus buildings

A powerful rainstorm blew through the University of La Verne Campus last week, leaving numerous buildings flooded and requiring considerable clean-up.

Bees briefly bombard Barkley

A swarm of bees, initially thought to be a beehive, was exterminated Friday after two students reported seeing the bees in a tree adjacent to the Barkley Annex and directly in front of the Oaks Residence Halls at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Storage facility receives facelift

The Barkley Annex, a small, but much needed additional classroom building, is now open for business.

Alley should be closed to traffic

There is only five minutes left for class and you have to run from Davenport to the Barkley Building. Little do you know that as you are making the mad dash to class, there is a car racing out of the Oaks parking lot through the alley between the AAIC and Barkley buildings.

Cart routes altered to avoid downtown

All University of La Verne employees who operate carts must alter their routes to stay out of downtown La Verne, under the instruction of the La Verne Police Department.

Committee to select Hoover tenant

Discussion continues among members of the University of La Verne Space Committee as the group strives to reach a consensus over which department will move into the Hoover Building once the College of Law relocates to Ontario.

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