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Elizabeth Ortiz, senior journalism major, has her waist trimmed, arms slimmed, eyebrows raised, thighs reduced and boobs lifted using Photoshop. Edits made to the photo are similar to those made to models in magazines and advertisements. The Truth in Advertising Act of 2014, which will be reintroduced to Congress this month, would require the Federal Trade Commission to outline a framework to reduce advertiser’s ability to use photos like the edited version of Ortiz–photos that have greatly altered physical attributes of the people shown. / photo by Helen Arase

Fixing the Mirror: Peering Into Body Image Issues: ‘Thinspiration’ perpetuates unrealistic body ideals

Photos of ultrathin, fit, and tan women with flat stomachs and big boobs in bathing suits and short shorts fill pages on social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. From women so thin each of their vertebra pokes through their skin, to women wearing nothing but a thong and a sultry look, the Internet […]

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