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Plant-based eaters left without variety

The lack of choices in The Spot has become a common gripe among several students on campus, however, this lack becomes even more scarce if you are a vegetarian, and even worse if you are vegan. 

1 in 3 ULV students is food insecure

One in three students at the University of La Verne is not certain where their next meal will come from, according to a survey conducted by five students in the University’s honors program.


Janelle Pedroza, Alexis Patterson, Mark Coromac, Mason Hughes, Thomas Del Carmen enjoy jambalaya, a dish originating in Louisiana, at Davenport Dining Hall Feb. 13.

Cultural cuisine leaves bad taste

In honor of Black History Month, the Black Student Union provided traditional soul food, Afro-Latino, Creole and Caribbean recipes to Bon Appétit, upon their request, to serve in Davenport Dining Hall during February.

Variety of vegan options essential

Vegan students at the University of La Verne do not choose to eat vegan only a few times out of the week, and with very limited vegan options available at the Davenport Dining Hall, they have a hard time following their dietary choices comfortably on a daily basis.

More students turn to vegan diet

Ariel Carey, senior psychology major, started her new year by changing her eating habits after her girlfriend, Lacey Corcoran, senior psychology major, became a vegan in January. The couple started off as vegetarians in November then transitioned to being vegan after two months and do not plan on eating meat ever again.

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