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Tresner recalls teaching fiber optics

In honor of Brian Tresner’s imminent retirement, faculty and students gathered for his last lecture Tuesday in the President’s dining room.

University updates classroom tech

Several major tech upgrades over the summer have brought classrooms into the twenty-teens, creating a consistent workflow for both students and teachers.

Faculty and staff honored for service

Shane Rodrigues, Stacey Darling-Novak, Brian Tresner and Al Clark were among the many faculty members who were honored at the Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony last Friday.

La Fetra to get ‘smarter’ podium

A new high-tech podium will be installed in La Fetra auditorium to better meet the “smartclassroom” needs of University instructors who use the lecture hall.

OIT welcomes new telecom expert

The Office of Information Technology has replaced the retired Bill Blackmur with new Senior Telecommunications Specialist Lavergne Dacuycuy, who is already taking on the responsibilities to implement effective solutions in supporting his team at the University of La Verne.

Ethernet may be equipped in Oaks

Roommates and computer science majors Nick Van Der Wande and Jason Opdycke have made a proposal to assist in installing Ethernet into the Oaks Residence Halls. Ethernet is a service which would allow students to connect to the Internet without having to use their phone line.

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