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Renovation displaces athletic programs at ULV

University of La Verne administration, faculty, athletes and students alike stumbled over the new construction around the university in the first weeks of the fall semester. The construction consists of a new Campus Center which includes a student plaza, a chilled water central plant and a major renovation to the Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion formerly known as the Supertents.

Recent excessive rainfall destroys oak tree

Sneaky Park lost one of its two oak trees last month thanks to recent record rainfall that soaked the surrounding soil.

Founders suffers from years of neglect

Reed Gratz, professor of music, remembers vividly the first time he stepped on the University’s campus. He walked into Founders Auditorium and was hit with a wave of panic.

New look Supertents on the way

In 2005 the University of La Verne will begin the reconstruction of the Supertents.

Task force calls for conservation

The Sustainable Campus Task Force at the University of La Verne is looking for ways to save money through conservation and sustainability. Ventilation, recycling and obtaining complete control of the irrigation system are among its top priorities.

Legacy of public art reflects La Verne identity

A centennial of La Verne history is found not in the library archives, but painted, crafted and sculpted on the city’s walls and public spaces.

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