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Letters to the Editor

I am writing a response to Anthony Reyes’ letter to the editor published last week.

Letter to the Editor

The bylaw change the Campus Times reported on actually requires one semester of ASULV experience for an individual running for president – not executive vice president (“Bylaw excludes potential leaders,” April 10).

Bylaw excludes potential leaders

Last summer, ASULV passed a bylaw that states students must have previous ASULV experience in order to run for president and vice president.

Bylaw changes concern faculty

Several members of the faculty are currently working on a proposal to change the wording of a clause in the board of trustees’ bylaws.

Bylaw changes undermine faculty

“Secrecy breeds suspicion,” a phrase used while discussing the release of the Board of Trustee’s bylaws this fall. The bylaws allow the University’s president to veto faculty decisions with minimal time for them to gather and vote to overturn his or her decision.

ASF Minutes

The Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum convened Wednesday, welcoming newly-elected members, appointing new ones and changing bylaws of its Constitution.

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