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Folklorico skirts fly

Freshman political science major Angela Garcia performs a Folklorico dance for the Cabaret Student Productions multicultural dance event Tuesday in the Dailey Theatre.

Theater major brings monsters to life

Jordan Nelson is a theater major in her junior year, but her passion is not for memorizing lines and reciting soliloquies, it is for the behind the scenes magic that happens before the debut – the magic before the magic.

Dailey Theatre transforms into terror scene

An eerie fog billowed into the atmosphere Tuesday night as the Dailey Theatre’s interior transformed into dimly lit hallways, an electroshock therapy room, an examination area and an operating theater.

Students scope out new clubs

The University of La Verne’s fall semester club fair hosted 60 clubs Wednesday in Sneaky Park. Clubs were asked to decorate booths based on different fashion brands that fit the core message of their club.

‘Rhapsody’ on guitar

Senior business administration major Austin Denison performs an acoustic version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Tuesday in the Jane Dibbell Cabaret Theatre as part of for Acoustic Art Night.

Open mic night hosts varied acts

All eyes were on Milo Charpentier as he hit the stage with his ukulele at the Jane Dillben Cabaret Theatre Tuesday.

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