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Zoom fatigue is here and it’s real

COVID-19 has brought all sorts of challenges to college students across the nation, from financial burdens to lack of socialization. The abrupt transition to virtual learning has also caused an overwhelming sense of fatigue for students.

Commentary: Greek life succeeds with first virtual recruitment

Recruitment is the most important time of the year for sororities on any campus at any school. This is the period where we potentially welcome new members into our organizations. Usually, we compete with other sororities on campus, but this year our biggest competition was the pandemic. 

Pandemic and virtual semester mean deep budget cuts, with possibly more to come

With a budget deficit of approximately $15 million due to the pandemic, and only 25% of housing and dining enrollment enrollment, the University has made financial cuts from numerous areas, while attempting to limit layoffs and furloughs of faculty and staff during these unprecedented times.

La Verne students to receive fees reimbursements following campus closure

University of La Verne students will receive reimbursements this month for services and activities that were canceled following campus closures for the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who had been living on campus dorms should receive roughly $4,000 for unused meal plans plus the remaining balance for dorm room rentals.

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