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Security standstill invites crime

Thefts at the University of La Verne seem to be on the rise. An increase in computer, car, residential and departmental thefts haunts the University. Time after time, something is reported stolen, and it is no wonder why.

Escorts strive for campus security

Tom Erickson, acting director of public safety and transportation, is revamping the escort service on campus.

Recent thefts raise security issues

In order to improve security and deter future thefts and break-ins, the University of La Verne is looking into hiring additional security officers, implementing more security cameras and selecting a new head of security.

Thefts continue to plague University

With no sign of forced entry in either department, thousands of dollars worth of computer and office equipment was stolen from the University of La Verne Music and Education departments on March 2.

Emergency evacuation drill shakes La Verne

It was not the Big One that interrupted operations across the University of La Verne campus, but an evacuation drill that hit Tuesday at 2 p.m., which caused the campus to shut down in order to run the mock drill.

VCR stolen from AAIC

A VCR was reported stolen from room 101-A of the AAIC Building Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 10:15 a.m., after being seen last on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

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