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Remembering a four-legged friend

I recently lost someone close to my heart. I was so close to him that you can even call him my brother and a part of my family.

Biotechnology not cat’s meow

For anyone allergic to cats: have no fear, a solution is on the way. There will soon be an option to purchase a cat that can live in harmony with allergy-sufferers stuffy nose and sneeze free.

Taking on those beneath me

Every night, my neighborhood is embroiled in gang violence. Starting at about midnight, shrieks of rage and cries of combat echo throughout my apartment complex.

Taking a stand for the animals

When is it time to stand up to the people who hold a title of authority over you and leave you no choice but to nod, smile and grudgingly accept the limitations they set for you?

All of Ark’s contents present at Expo

The American Pet Society held its eighth annual America's Pet Expo at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, Fairplex in Pomona, April 11-13.

Fraternity prank leaves dead cat at doorstep

Discovery of a dead cat on junior Aung Wun's E Street apartment doorstep early Monday morning has allegedly been traced as a Phi Delta Theta fraternity prank.

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