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La Verne alumna to be first Latina judge for San Bernardino Superior Court

Candice Garcia-Rodrigo, a University of La Verne alumna, will make history next week when she becomes the first Latina judge for the San Bernardino Superior Court.

Students need flexible dining hours

While it is a long-running notion that students often gain the “Freshman 15” when they move to college, equipped with so few dining options on campus students at the University of La Verne may actually be more prone to losing the 15 than gaining it.

Long semesters ruin job advantage

The University of La Verne currently offers two 16 week semesters and a winter term in January known as “Jan Term” for the academic year. Most universities like Chapman University, UC Berkeley and the Pomona Colleges that are on a semester system offer 15 week semesters instead.

Students appreciate transparency

The 3.88 percent tuition increase to be initiated for the upcoming school year is a crushing financial blow for many students. This increase, however, is modest compared to previous years. Although any increase is tough, this time administration took student input into account when choices were made.

New vice president aims to raise $125 million

Snow blanketed the packed boxes the day the Mylott family moved out of their Virginia home. Sherri Mylott said to her husband, “This is why we’re really leaving.”

Scandalous ‘Rocky Horror’ shocks ULV

The Dailey Theatre was filled with an assortment of parents, students and visitors on Nov. 30 as the Chapman University cast of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” came to strut its stuff one last time in a performance that combined song, dance, comedy, drama and a lot of skin.

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