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Sex stays in the cities

"Porn: Social disease or first amendment issue" is written on several posters around campus, which are publicizing an on-campus debate. This forum hosted ideas from opposing sides of the issue, and I assume that some students and professors adamantly supported the First Amendment's protection of pornography as a form of expression. Even though lately it seems like supporting the industry of porn is no longer a liberal movement.

Letters to the Editor

In your March 27, 1998, edition of the Campus Times, Angelica Martinez wrote an article entitled "Variety Show Reveals Hidden Talents." I was surprised to find out that the Black National Anthem had been changed from "Lift Every Voice" to "We Shall Overcome."

Child pornography unacceptable

How does a naked female sound, lying back on her futon with her arms stretched out and her exposed genitals drawing the viewer's eye to the center of the frame?

Megan’s Law flawed in its enforcement

In 1994, an unsuspecting 7-year-old girl was raped and brutally murdered by the man who lived across the street. He was a man she knew and probably trusted, a man her parents also knew and perhaps shared a conversation or two with. Little did her parents know that this man had a long list of molestation convictions.

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