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La Verne not student friendly

Often, students complain that the small town of La Verne leaves little opportunity for entertainment. On top of the fact that it is a conservative city, other limitations exist.

La Verne: the good, bad, ugly

Around here, the little things count. La Verne is a unique little town. I say little town because the population is only roughly 32,000. As with all cities, there are interesting as well as annoying things one should consider before making the choice to move here permanently. With brainstorming efforts of myself and some long time La Verne natives, the following list was composed.

License to drive delivers harassment

La Verne – a small suburb about half an hour away from Los Angeles to the west, half an hour away from the beach to the south, right smack dab in the middle of nowhere special.

University expanding into La Verne

Due to everyday demands for more space, expansion at the University of La Verne looks like a promising possibility in the next decade.

Greeks encourage charity

The Inter-Fraternity and Sorority Council (IFSC) launched its second annual Charity Greek Week benefit Monday. The activities end today with clothes drive and hopes of raising needed items for the La Verne community.

2-hour parking mandated

Completing a swap of parking spaces with the City of La Verne, freshly painted green curbs limiting parking to two hours were installed in the Wilson Library parking lot last week.

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