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Signs posted to enforce skateboarding ordinance

A city ordinance that controls skateboarders, roller skaters and roller bladers has been an area of change since the Feb. 16 confrontation between ULV Graphics Manager Raffi Zinzalian and a skateboarding youth in front of the stairs of the AAIC building. On Wednesday, two signs detailing the city’s no skateboarding rule were posted in front of AAIC.

Plaza drives toward La Verne unity

In an effort to unite the entire downtown area of La Verne and encourage alternate forms of transportation, a transit center, recently named Old Town Plaza is set to open in late March. The plaza is being built by the city at “D” Street and Bonita Avenue.

Customer’s price always right at bookstore

“Whatever the customer decides they are worth to him or her is accepted as payment.” This is the policy of a unique bookstore that has become a safe haven for many senior citizen residents of Hillcrest Homes in La Verne who have outlived their financial resources.

Diplomat visits city on U.S. tour

Symbolizing peace and friendship, the City of La Verne hosted Dr. Arthur Nicolaevich Chilingarov, vice president of Russian parliament on Mon­day.

LV affected by local area’s gang activity

Gang activity in the La Verne area has touched the University of La Verne community. In January, a ULV student was verbally assaulted on campus by gang members.

Recognizing 10 years

City of La Verne Mayor Jon Blickenstaff (left) takes time out during Tuesday’s City Council meeting to present Dr. Stephen Morgan with a plaque commemorating Dr. Morgan’s 10 years of service as president of the University of La Verne.

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