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We cannot deny climate change

Not too long ago Donald Trump said that he did not believe in climate change, but instead believes in weather. 

Climate change is real

Our president regularly denies scientific evidence, which shows not only that climate change is happening but also that human beings are the cause, saying that people with high intelligences like himself do not see the evidence.

La Verne reflects on fires, climate

As fires rage across the state with a rising death toll – of more than 59 at press time Thursday – it’s clear that climate change and human impact have intensified California’s prolonged fire seasons.

Drought hinders frog calls

Associate Professor of Biology David Bickford presented his biological research in Papua New Guinea and how to overcome climate change to more than 20 faculty, staff and students Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Climate change is real, Mr. Trump

Climate change denial has no place in politics, and in the face of several natural disasters occurring all around the world, global warming should not be contested or minimized by President Donald Trump’s administration.

Politics offer sustainable solutions

Roughly 65 audience members attended the Robert and Mary Neher Global Sustainability lecture titled “Environmentalism and the Resonance Dilemma” Wednesday in the Harris Gallery.

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