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Talk links pollution, climate change

To celebrate World Food Day, ASULV President Ava Jahan­vash brought to campus a Ugandan farmer to talk about the issues of climate change and food security.

Incentives given for eco-friendly campuses

These days, it seems global warming is the main focus of a lot of young college students. Colleges are rapidly changing their campuses to make their schools more sustainable.

Film, media fight global warming

After the release of “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore was at the center of jokes and parodies concerning global warming. In May 2006 Gore starred in the opening skit on “Saturday Night Live,” joking about how his last six years as “president” have changed the world for the best.

Global warming efforts gone mad

When it comes to assigning blame for global warming, air pollution and all the rest of the planet’s ills, California lawmakers (and the lemmings that continue to support them) have no qualms about sabotaging the rights of individuals or the economy.

Gore will send a worldwide ‘SOS’

Former Vice President Al Gore sent an SOS to the world and July 7, 2007, will mark the day many big-name rockers, actresses and actors finally heed his call, joining hands and triggering a global movement to “save our selves” and a climate in crisis.

Cal Poly co-op thinks green

Cal Poly Pomona has taken its concern for the environment and its well-being to another level by providing students and alumni with the opportunity to live in an environmentally friendly community.

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