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Lecture tackles skews and its effects in data collection

Ryan Lee, assistant professor of economics, presented “The Effects of Trade Agreements on Trade Margins: Firm-Level Evidence from Colombia,” before 15 community members Tuesday at the Quay Davis Executive Board Room.

Colombia sets example on abortion rights

Colombia’s Constitutional Court has recently made the decision to allow women to have abortions up to 24 weeks into pregnancy without justification, adding to the growing list of Latin American countries that have decriminalized abortion.

Copa America Predictions: U.S. should advance to semifinals

Copa America Centenario will be the biggest men’s soccer tournament hosted by the United States since the 1994 World Cup, which still holds the attendance record of 3,587,538 and an average of 68,991 per game.

There needs to be a ‘Plan B’, and quick

Last summer, my aunt, who is from Medellin, Colombia, visited the U.S. One day, she told us about the time she was listening to the radio and heard that the coffee shop that her son frequents was destroyed by explosives within a parked car. When she got home she found out that her son hadn't been there, but his friend sadly was.

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