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Commencement crisis coming

For those of you who plan to graduate on Jan. 22, rather than wait until May, you’ve probably noticed that the distinctive aroma of an impending debacle has begun to waft over the campus. Last year the University braintrust hatched the idea of holding a second graduation ceremony in January, in hopes of luring students […]

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Winter ceremony planned

With January coming, the University of La Verne only has three more months to plan for the winter commencement. Scheduled for 3 p.m. Jan. 30 in the Student Center gymnasium, this will be the University’s first winter graduation ceremony.

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McAndrew chosen to address peers

Viking! This is a strange word in today’s times; however, at the University of La Verne it has taken a whole different meaning. When you hear that word, one individual comes to mind – Erin McAndrew, a liberal studies major with an emphasis in human development.

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Dreier denied honorary degree

In a public relations blunder for the University of La Verne, the faculty assembly voted Monday to deny a motion that would have conferred an honorary doctorate to Congressman David Dreier, who delivers the graduate school commencement address later this month.

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