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School debt leaves students cold

Republicans in the Senate blocked the Democrats’ bill Tuesday that would prevent the interest rates of the Stafford Loan from doubling July 1. The interest rate that is currently 3.4 percent would double to 6.8 percent, a price that only adds to the thicket of debt students are fighting.

Offshore drilling not the answer

As the gas prices keep rising and people become desperate to find alternate ways of travel, the Senate has began taking its own measures to try and remedy the situation.

Steer clear of another recession

After thwarting the chance to allow financial reform debate to hit the floor of the Congress, the Republican Party finally obliged to begin talks on how to better prepare the U.S. economy for another collapse like the one in 2008.

Pelosi to clean House

Election Day is always important but it is not always the most memorable occasion. Of course, there are officials to elect, propositions to pass or reject and results to watch. But this past Election Day was historic.

Election brings power shift

The anti-Republican – or anti-Bush – sentiment nationwide was not strong enough to penetrate the California Gubernatorial election in which Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as predicted, easily defeated Democratic opponent Phil Angelides on Tuesday.

Budget cuts could ruin U.S.

“Now is the time for us to begin to make tough choices.” This is what Mike Pence, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said about finding money in the budget to pay for Katrina’s aftermath.

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