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Education loses to Social Security

The term “the children are our future” has been thrown out the window by the U.S. Congress via the latest round of proposed budget cuts. They are trying to make it nearly impossible for young adults and children in this country to expand their minds and receive a quality education.

“Contract” hits students hard

A college education has become more of a reality than a dream for the current generation of students, yet Congress is now trying to take this dream away from millions of college-bound students across the country.

Letters to Congress

During Tuesday’s rally sponsored by the Association Students Federation (ASF) Forum, students show their opposition to cuts in federal financial aid by writing letters to their Congressional representatives.

Rescission sparks ASF open forum

Proposed cuts in federal government financial aid has sparked an Associated Student Federation (ASF) open student forum Tuesday at noon to educate the student body and voice its dissenting opinion.

Let Congress do its duty

Who cares if you were the President of the United States and led the Union to victory in the Civil War? According to the media, you enjoy your booze just a little too much, Ulysses S. Grant, and therefore you are not fit to hold public office.

Penniless Broadcasting System?

With only .0003 percent of the U.S. federal budget going toward the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), why would the 104th Congress want to kill it?

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