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Texas easing COVID restrictions too soon

While COVD-19 cases are going down and vaccinations are ramping up across the nation, it is still important to follow health officials guidelines set to keep people safe and ultimately end the pandemic.

Speaker explains pandemic history

Vito Imbasciani, secretary of the California Department of Veterans Affairs, spoke about the scientific history of the coronavirus, the future of the COVID-19 vaccine and how the ongoing pandemic has shed light on the existing disparities in healthcare found in low-income communities on Wednesday during a lecture hosted by the International Studies Institute.

Most ULV students say they intend to get the COVID vaccine

An informal survey of 10 college students, shows that eight students said they hoping to take the COVID-19 vaccine in the very near future. 

No vaccine, no in-person classes

As the COVID-19 pandemic carries on, the debate over whether students and staff should return to school in person in Fall 2021 persists. However, nobody  should not return to colleges and universities until they are vaccinated. 

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