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911 is big joke in this town

When an emergency call is put into the 911 system, it is expected that there will be someone on the other end of the line who can help the situation and that the police, ambulance or fire department will be dispatched to the scene of the emergency immediately. Recently, however, residents of the Fox Chase neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pa., found neither to be the case.

Kiel files lawsuit against University, SAE

Aaron Kiel, a ULV sophomore, filed a lawsuit on October 11, 1994 against the University of La Verne, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, James Coiner of Coiner Nursery in La Verne and six other defendants in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity for assault, negligence and property, compensatory, general and punitive damages.

Forensics team argues fair trial for O.J. Simpson

The ULV community will have the opportunity to experience the heat felt inside the popular downtown courthouse when the debate team tackles the question, “Can O.J. Simpson receive a fair trial?” on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at noon in La Fetra Lecture Hall, when the team displays their ability to debate which has garnered them so many honors in various competitions this year.

Private act on public screen

Last Thursday in Alexandria, La., a man shot himself in the head. Suicide happens everyday, yet it is still a taboo subject that people refrain from talking about because of its unfortunate end. However, for Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Brossard, his sudden and gory end was televised live by the local news stations. Brossard killed his wife, then shot himself, seeing suicide as the only solution.

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