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Obergon challenges ULV diversity

He cruises the campus with a visual aid walking stick. Daniel Obergon, 19-year-old freshman, is legally blind.

Date Rape: The Hidden Epidemic

Yesterday, Brenda Randall went to a party with Jacob Candeen. They danced, drank a few beers, made advances toward each other and had a fun-filled night.

HIV rate increases among students

Chris immediately saw Janice at the bar ordering a drink. The two started talking, then dancing, and, as the night progressed, they were no longer dancing like strangers. Chris asked Janice to go home with him, she took him up on his offer. Little did they know that a one-night stand would cost them more than they were willing to give.

Health Center offers more than condoms

Located on the corner of E and Second streets, the University of La Verne Health Center offers free and complete medical care and information for any student in need.

ULV welcomes new faculty, staff

With the end of summer and the beginning of the fall semester, the University of La Verne has a number of new faces on campus, which includes personnel changes in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Student Affairs Department.

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