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Letter to the Editor

I just read an editorial which stated that ALL women should march at the national demonstration on Oct. 2. Agreed – with a caveat: all MEN should march, also.

Sage blessing ceremony cleanses La Verne community

Dan Kennan, adjunct professor of sociology, cleanses Trevor Thomson, a member of the Karuk Tribe of California, with wing and sage in preparation for a sage blessing ceremony Sept. 10 at the Ludwick Center.

Finkel paints vivid picture of PTSD

David Finkel spent several months in Baghdad covering the Iraq War, and even longer following some of the soldiers as they returned home and struggled with re-entry into civilian life after the trauma they experienced in combat.

Veterans center to open in fall

More than 200 veterans enrolled as students at the University of La Verne will soon have a home base on campus. The Veteran Student Success Center is set to open its doors in September.

Letter to the Editor

Our nation is facing an unprecedented level of division and bigotry at this point.

Letter to the Editor

The current Republican administration in this nation is proposing three things which could be highly problematic for all students attending (or planning to attend) college.

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