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Letter to the Editor

The coming election in November is easily the most important one of my lifetime.

University lacks resources for veterans, takes steps to meet unique needs

Robert Kehrberg, 25, an Air Force veteran who served for five years, had a “team” to depend on every day while working 12-hour shifts from midnight to noon, seven days a week. In Kuwait, from 2012-13 he was an integrated avionics systems specialist, which means he maintained and fixed planes.

Letter to The Editor

In November will be what is – in my mind – the most important election in my lifetime.

Letter to the Editor

As a Vietnam veteran and a 45-year participant in the antiwar movement, I would like to propose a goal which I hope we can all share: May we have future generations that have no veterans, because there were no wars to create them.

Letter to the Editor

At the start of this school year, I feel it is important that we work toward treating all students and staff with respect and dignity.

Letter to the Editor

Support the troops - when will the slogan become a reality?

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