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Gender neutral passports are a positive change

The time for gender neutral passports is finally here. The Department of State announced that people can have a passport issued with an “X” gender marking, signifying an unspecified or other gender, starting April 11.

Feds finally call out white supremacy

Last week the Department of Homeland Security finally deemed white supremacy as a primary security threat in response to countless mass shootings that have claimed the lives of over 100 people in the last six months.

This is not a national emergency

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency last Friday in order to obtain his request for $5 billion to fund his plan for a border wall, after receiving only $1.6 billion. Although Trump has stated on several occasions that the issue has become a crisis of national security, there is nothing to show that the alleged crisis even existed prior to his attacks on immigrants. 

South border control hits a wall

President Donald Trump released a memo on April 4 ordering National Guard troops to be sent to the southern borders of California, Arizona and New Mexico on the grounds that the border is seeing an increase in illegal actions such as drug smuggling, gang activity and increased undocumented immigration.

Whitefish Energy deal is corrupt

After the initial disaster following Hurricane Maria two months ago, about 58 percent of the island’s electricity is back up as Whitefish Energy Holdings resumed work to repair portions of Puerto Rico’s electrical grid after suspending work while waiting for overdue payments.

DACA, security discussed

Roughly 130 members of the University community attended the 10th annual Benazir Bhutto and Ahmed Ispahani International Lectureship hosted by the University’s International Studies Institute Wednesday in the Campus Center Ballroom.

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