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Powell’s struggles explored in new play

A powerful position can have its pitfalls, which Colin Powell learned as the first African American to serve as Secretary of State. This was the story told in the play “The Agony of Colin Powell,” starring Lavelle Wilson, Friday and Saturday in Dailey Theatre.

Even Bush’s logic is tortured

In what has been labeled “Torturegate,” the Bush administration is facing another allegation of deception and depravity after New York Times stories last month uncovered the administration’s torture tactics of imprisoned detainees.

Students strike against war at local colleges

On Feb. 15 anti-war strikes took place on several college campuses across the nation to encourage resistance against the Iraq War.

Bush tries to sidestep torture ban

In an attempt to halt the abuse of prisoners of war the Senate passed a proposition that would prohibit torture in U.S. prisons, however, President Bush promised to veto the bill, even though he has not once vetoed anything in the past five years of his presidency.

Americans deserve truth on 9/11

It has taken more than two-and-a-half years for the commission investigating the intelligence failures preceding Sept. 11 to adjourn.

Bush administration deceives public

It is no surprise that politicians will stretch the truth, whether through “mis-speaks” or bold lies. To balance this, our democracy depends on good information and accurate data to compare political claims to reality and make informed decisions on how we are being led.

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