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On diversity, work to do

For years at the University of La Verne there has been evidence of inequality from administration and faculty.

Letter to the Editor

On Oct. 25, 2018, a group of students met in the corridor outside the President’s and Provost’s offices to share their experiences and state their demands for changes to address the University’s treatment of minority groups on campus (“Protest calls for diversity training,” Oct. 26).

Letter to the Editor

As students who were a part of the most recent demonstration to faculty, we believe it is our duty to address what actually happened, as there have been many misunderstandings surrounding our intentions and the responses we’ve received.

Faculty supports diversity training

University of La Verne Faculty called on one another to take action to address the discrimination minority students endure after hearing a group of more than 20 students share stories of microaggressions they have experienced on campus.

Microaggressions are real

Microaggressions have been widely discussed across campus during the past several weeks and months.

Protest calls for diversity training

On Thursday more than 20 students with blue tape covering their mouths gathered outside of President Devorah Lieberman’s office in Founders Hall, demanding a list of changes to address the University’s treatment of minority groups on campus.

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