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Powell’s struggles explored in new play

A powerful position can have its pitfalls, which Colin Powell learned as the first African American to serve as Secretary of State. This was the story told in the play “The Agony of Colin Powell,” starring Lavelle Wilson, Friday and Saturday in Dailey Theatre.

Pentagon corrupts military media

An investigative report in the New York Times revealed that many media military analysts have been paid by the Pentagon to push the Bush administration’s pro-war message on several cable news networks.

‘Mask’ tackles Bush’s politics

“The Unreasoning Mask,” a dramatic play by William A. Cook, professor of English, and D’Arcy Jones Cook was performed in Dailey Theatre last weekend by the Theatre Arts Department.

American found as Taliban fighter

The emergence of the "American Taliban" this week has created another sticky situation for the government to deal with, not to mention given fuel to "Saturday Night Live" (how can they pass it up?) The lingering debate that will no doubt continue for some time is, what should be done with John Walker?

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