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Loud and Clear: United in the Streets: May Day: The People

With flags held high, the smell of sage burning through the wind and the voices of over 15,000 fellow marchers, the May Day General Strike closed down Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles on May 1.

L.A. skates on ice in Pershing Square

Pershing Square glistened with holiday cheer and children’s laughter as families and friends joined together for an eventful holiday filled night to remember.

Commentary: Occupy L.A.’s carnival of the bizarre

On Nov. 23 I ventured into the city with a few friends. As I walked down Spring Street we noticed the now infamous Occupy L.A. camp on the south side of City Hall and decided to pay a visit.

First Person Experience: Memory Walk brings needed research funds

As a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, I attended the annual Alzheimer’s Memory Walk in Los Angeles Saturday, which kicked off Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Commentary: Take the 10 to Mexico

Stepping into Los Angeles’ original center of commerce, its self-proclaimed and preserved birthplace, a quest to find jumping beans seemed too commonplace, too insignificant.

La Verne unites for immigrant rights

“A day without immigrants” became a reality Monday when thousands – including a contingent from ULV – marched throughout the Los Angeles area to show their discontent with a proposed federal law that would seriously limit the rights of undocumented individuals in this country.

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