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Conference promotes education

"Today's Teachers: New Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships" was the title of the fifth annual conference sponsored by the Center for Teacher Leadership.

Uniforms bring unity to schools

Picture this -- a high school, junior high or even elementary school student wakes up in the morning and begins yet another school day. They think about the algebra test they may have second period or the cute guy or girl they hope to see at lunch. Whatever their thoughts may contain, one thing that may never cross their minds is, "What should I wear to school today?"

Ebonics jeopardize students, learning

Currently, Ebonics, or historically "Black English," is the hot ticket of debate among California educators. The argument centers around whether this dialect is a second language or just another form of English.

Education needed in prisons

The Educational Programs in Corrections (EPIC) organization at ULV states "We believe that it is the right of each person to receive an education as close in quality and substantive measure to that he or she would receive on the outside." EPIC offers value-based, post-secondary instruction to inmates of correctional facilities in California. If a prison sentence is a time for rehabilitation, than it should be used as such.

B-ball is English’s second language

"Keep your butts down and stay low on defense" are the words members of the women's basketball team say they hear daily from Will English.

Smaller classes, better education

Whether it was an election year ploy or a genuine effort to help California students, is not the issue when it comes to giving children a better education.

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