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Degrees don’t equal dollars

Working is not what it used to be. The days of 9 to 5 jobs with full benefits and job security are gone. It is even more challenging finding a job when your ethnicity matters more than what you know.

Playground paradise

There is one place where the greatest life lessons thrive—the playground. It is here that the concepts to a peaceful society are abundant, threaded with the respect necessary to keep the environment peaceful and fun for everyone.

Curriculum changes affect potential teachers

Departmental revisions, deemed mandatory by the Commission of Teacher Credentials (CTC), are being made in ULV training programs to reflect the changes in content and methods in public schools.

Don Clague recipient of city award

Dr. Donald Clague, former dean of graduate students at the University of La Verne, is the 1995 recipient of the city of La Verne's Outstanding Older American Award.

Teacher leadership conference

Dr. Peggy Redman, director of teacher education, chats with a few of the many teachers who came to be a part ULV’s second annual conference and workshop that focused on teacher leadership.

Beyond color lines

At one time or another, we all have to fill out some type of application that asks us to state our ethnicity. Some think nothing of the question and quickly check it off and go on to the next one. Others choose the “other” option to state their unique individual heritage. Many check it off knowing that their ethnicity is the key to being on equal footing with the rest of society and having the opportunity to further themselves.

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