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Elian’s tale has dramatic ending

In the end it took only three minutes, as long as the entire ordeal should have taken. But instead, the three-minute raid on April 22 that reunited Elian Gonzalez with his father followed five months of drawn-out discussions.

Comedy Review: Titus’ comedy melts Ice House

With the ongoing stress of day-to-day activities such as work, school and family, one needs to relax and just laugh. One particular place to let the laughter flow is the Ice House in Pasadena, a comedy club for people 18 and over.

Elian’s reunion should be permanent

Thousands of dollars in legal fees and frustration surround the city of Miami, Fla. People are willing to die for a child's freedom. Families are torn apart, all while a little boy named Elian Gonzalez plays outside while wearing a shirt that clearly reads: USA.

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