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New ASULV leaders advocate for a safe return to campus

Mackay MorganArmstrong, sophomore kinesiology major, and Ryan Konrad, sophomore communications major, were elected as the president and vice president respectively of the Associated Students of La Verne for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Panelists answer therapy questions

Elleni Koulos, joined by professional therapists Bradley Geske, Nicole Hernandez and John Hana, hosts an online panel for the weekly Mental Health Mondays series May 10.

AAPI question and answer panel

University of La Verne students joined Elleni Koulos, Gwendolyn McInnes, Brent Blumenthal and Ryan Ingram to discuss the proper ways to be an ally to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community amid the extreme wave of hate crimes Monday via Zoom

Suicide rate fell in 2020, but California seeks to improve

As vaccination rates rise and COVID’s hold on American society begins to wane, many are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic. Efforts surrounding mental health have come into greater focus over the past year, especially on the effects of isolation due to COVID-19.

Therapists guide ULV community in handling mental health

Dr. Elleni Koulos is joined by therapists Claire Perrault, Ferdinand Aliga and Bryanna Gutierrez in a discussion of the importance of therapy and counseling on Monday.

Stigma Free ULV campaign tackles mental health taboos

Student organizations and offices from the University of La Verne are collaborating on Stigma Free ULV, a campaign aimed at reducing the stigma associated with asking for help with common mental health conditions.

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