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Therapists guide ULV community in handling mental health

Dr. Elleni Koulos is joined by therapists Claire Perrault, Ferdinand Aliga and Bryanna Gutierrez in a discussion of the importance of therapy and counseling on Monday.

Stigma Free ULV campaign tackles mental health taboos

Student organizations and offices from the University of La Verne are collaborating on Stigma Free ULV, a campaign aimed at reducing the stigma associated with asking for help with common mental health conditions.

Freshmen face mental health issues

With freshmen year comes a copious number of new stressors that have the possibility to lead to mental health issues. The American Psychological Association found that one in three first year college students struggle with mental health issues.

Mental health resources available on campus

As of last year, there were 33 reported Behavioral Intervention Team, or BIT, cases, 122 Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation, or CARE, Team cases, and over 3,000 appointments made to the Counseling and Psychological Services, or CAPS, on campus.

ULV presents live shooter plan

The week after the Las Vegas shooting, Interim Campus Safety Director David Keetle sent a university-wide email with guidelines for what to do in an active shooter situation.

’13 Reasons Why’ suicide depiction raises concerns

The Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why,” based on the popular young adult book by Jay Asher with the same name, has been the subject of heated online discussion over its entertainment value vs. potential detrimental effects on viewers, since the show’s debut on March 31.

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