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Segregated funds won’t solve problem

On April 17, junior speech communications major Tyler Anderson and another black student proposed Oshun, a separate funding hub for black focused clubs on campus, to Loretta Rahmani, chief student affairs officer, Lawrence Potter, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Richard Rose, professor of religion and philosophy, President Devorah Lieberman, Provost Jonathan Reed […]

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Tatiana Tatarinova, Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair in computational biology, explains the significance of digging graves to discover ancient bodies’ countries of origin to an audience of 37. She presented the lecture, “Bioinformatics for Fun, for History, and Everything else,” Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room. She talked about the Khazarian puzzle, or the idea that Khazars were converted to Judaism and subsequently diluted their culture. Tatarinova has found Khazar DNA in remains from eastern European countries.

Lecture digs into evolution of DNA

Roughly 40 students and faculty gathered in the President’s Dining Room for Tuesday’s faculty lecture, “Bioinformatics for Fun, for History, and Everything else,” by Tatiana Tatarinova, professor of computational biology, and one of two new Fletcher Jones endowed chairs in the department.

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