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Campaign aims for $125m

The University of La Verne has raised more than $82 million in gifts and pledges toward its comprehensive fundraising campaign “Create the Future.”

Raise endowment, not tuition

On Nov. 4 the Board of Trustees approved a 6.5 percent undergraduate tuition increase for the 2012-2013 academic year. Reasons for this increase range from a need to sustain education programs to improve the image of the University.

Budgetary belt-tightening felt campuswide

After nearly a decade of drawing from the “quasi-endowment,” University officials have proposed a budget plan for 2006-2007 that calls for the University of La Verne to live within its means. But the balanced budget plan comes at the cost of tight spending restrictions and tuition increases across the board.

Guarded optimism for ’04 – ’05 budget

Budgetary belt-tightening in response to an unexpected deficit at the University of La Verne this year will continue into next year to keep the school solvent.

Fundraising needs to begin

With the University of La Verne in the middle of a budget crisis, surely the one thing on many people’s minds is why doesn’t the University have an endowment to fall back upon?

Endowment fund at ‘healthy level’

After a slow start, the University of La Verne's endowment fund is reported to be at a healthy level by ULV Treasurer Avo Kechichian.

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