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California is flooding and it is time for change

Climate change is becoming increasingly serious. We are already seeing its effects in our backyards here in California.

Trump administration uses pandemic as cover to reduce environmental protections

The Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to relax enforcement of countless environmental restrictions in the past month is the latest of a long list of ill-fated deregulations under the Donald Trump administration and is a move that is certain to make the planet’s climate crisis even worse.

Stop using animals for testing

The Environmental Protection Agency has planned to eliminate the use of animals as testing objects for chemicals by the year 2035 and require that any mammal studies requested or funded by the EPA after 2035 will need administrator approval on a case-by-case basis. This is a start to begin making the necessary changes that will help keep more animals alive and sustain our environment.

We need to allocate aid to our own

The Notre-Dame Cathedral located in Paris must undergo major renovations after a massive, devastating fire broke out on April 15. 

More smog on the horizon

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency does not care to protect our environment. California and 17 other states are suing the EPA in response to the Agency’s push to decrease the gas mileage requirement. This pro-business decision will reverse the Obama administration’s significant effort to combat global warming.

Budget cuts are hurting environment

The United States Senate approved the 2011 federal budget plan last week, an action that has been long overdue and wrought with problems. However, the approval came with one questionable addition.

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