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Majority feels too mature for Halloween treats

Halloween is traditionally thought of as a holiday where only children go door-to-door trick-or-treating, but adults participate in the tradition, which has sparked some controversy.

Voicing opinions

Sophomore Nicole Cuadras, junior Megan Keller and senior Estrellita Guzman share their opinions with school administrators at Wednesday night’s town hall meeting.

Students solve murder over dinner

“Relax, gamble and gossip” were the words that kicked started CAB’s Mystery Dinner on Tuesday in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Quake preparedness critical to LV

The University of La Verne has taken extra precautions toward earthquake preparedness in light of recent earthquakes in the Los Angeles County to prepare students and faculty in case of emergency.

Mentalist reads students’ thoughts

The title of mentalist after Christopher Carter’s name brings a lot of skepticism to those who do not believe such a thing is possible, but on Tuesday not only did he prove the cynics wrong, he also blew the audience’s mind.

CAB brings ‘A Night in Bollywood’

Indian ambience was in the air Friday for the annual winter formal at Padua Hills Theatre, sponsored by the Campus Activities Board.

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