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LiveSafe app provides reassurance to students

In a time when campus crime and active shooters are more than just occasional headlines on a page, the University of La Verne has begun to reach out to the on-campus community, in part, via a downloadable app.

Armed robbery prompts safety talk

University officials are looking to bolster campus safety resources and protocols following the armed robbery that prompted a campus lockdown Monday night.

Convocation greets new students

The University of La Verne officially welcomed its 124th academic year Sept. 2 at the Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion.

Warner hits home run in housing

From serving his country to serving his students, Jake Warner is there to help those who need it.

Faculty and staff honored for service

Shane Rodrigues, Stacey Darling-Novak, Brian Tresner and Al Clark were among the many faculty members who were honored at the Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony last Friday.

The Courage to Heal: Life after sexual assault

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 73 percent of sexual assaults are perpetrated by a non-stranger, 38 percent of rapists are friends or acquaintances and 28 percent are intimate partners.

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