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Catholic church crisis addressed in speech

Richard Gelm, chairman of the history and political science department, spoke last month about the crisis in the Catholic Church and its far-reaching consequences across the United States and abroad.

Soto gives insight into Mexican media history

Why do we have to know about media in other countries?

Zervigón exposes man behind camera

One man. One camera. One war. One truth.

Spectar discusses participation in law

As citizens, individuals have a responsibility to be engaged and active in their community, government, and to themselves. The task of a citizen is not easy; it requires energy, commitment and arduous work. The theory that government does work in favor of the people, but people must have faith in the law.

Series offers musical history

Professor of Music Kathleen Lamkin presented a lecture called "Joseph Haydn: The Music at Its Source" in the President's Dining Hall on Thursday, March 9.

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