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Series offers musical history

Professor of Music Kathleen Lamkin presented a lecture called "Joseph Haydn: The Music at Its Source" in the President's Dining Hall on Thursday, March 9.

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Campus and community news for the week of Feb. 16, 1996.

Dr. Gelm explores Catholicism in new book

Mixing politics and religion has been a taboo for as long as Dr. Richard Gelm can remember. But when he noticed the connection between the two, particularly Catholicism and politics, he felt the need to research and address it in a book, and on Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Gelm, presented his findings to an attentive audience.

Lecturer explains ‘Crafting Change in Organizations’

“Crafting Change in Organi­za­tions” was the topic of a lecture by Dr. Tom Harvey, dean of the School of Organizational Management and professor of educational management.

La Verne celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday which honors the peasant uprising against the French in Mexico, has been celebrated on campus all week long through the efforts of the Latino Student Forum (LSF).

Dr. Ispahani to deliver speech on GATT

Dr. Ahmed Ispahani, professor of business administration and economics, has been invited by the government of the United Arab Emirates to give a presentation on GATT, the General Agree­ment on Tariffs and Trade, on Nov. 28.

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