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Parkland reignites fight for gun control

In the wake of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, two weeks ago, many of the students who attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are speaking out on how gun control laws must be reformed to avoid such tragedies in the future.

Airlines should help in disasters

When natural disasters occur, corporations are quick to offer their thoughts and prayers through various social media platforms. Before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, airlines had an opportunity to potentially help save lives and show the world that they are not just about the bottom line. But as expected, most chose to take advantage of an unfortunate situation to make a quick buck.

Racist law cannot be covered up

Unarmed, black teen wearing a hoodie gets shot down for walking through a neighborhood. Unarmed, black man gets shot down for playing his music too loud in his car. Only in Florida could paranoid white men get away with these cowardly crimes and all they have to do is stand behind Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Another racist case in Florida

In a trial that echoed George Zimmerman's killing of Trayvon Martin two years ago, another white man has killed a black teenager in Florida without being convicted of a murder charge.

Voters silenced by early primaries

Controversy surrounds Michigan and Florida after breaking the rules and moving up their primaries before Feb. 5.

Gators, Terps are national champs

This week we saw the 2005-2006 college basketball season come to a close with the Florida men’s team and the Maryland Terrapins women’s team both winning their first national championships.

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