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Students need flexible dining hours

While it is a long-running notion that students often gain the “Freshman 15” when they move to college, equipped with so few dining options on campus students at the University of La Verne may actually be more prone to losing the 15 than gaining it.

Freshmen weigh in on freshman 15

The “freshman 15” is the 15 pounds freshman are expected to gain – in theory or reality – in college due to stress, dining hall food, drinking and lack of exercise. Students here, however, debate whether it’s really a thing.

Food Court: Students want Bon Appétit to list nutrition information

Neither Davenport Dining Hall nor Barbara's Place list nutritional facts about the meals offered, and many students feel their meal choice would be altered if those facts were posted.

Increase gym hours, please

The busy life of the average college student leaves little time for a student to get his or her daily physical workout to stay healthy. Many universities have on-campus gyms accessible for their students and faculty, which is a huge convenience.

Facing, fighting the freshman 15

With late-night study sessions, busy schedules and the new-found freedom to eat and drink what you want, it becomes easy to gain weight. The freshman 15 is something that a lot of students are aware of but do nothing about.

Weight gain too much to swallow

I’ve always been more than a little bit concerned with my weight. During my senior year in high school, I started to pack on the pounds like crazy.

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