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LGBT students face harassment at Bonita High

A mural painted by the Gay-Straight Alliance club at Bonita High School was vandalized last week with discriminatory tagging.

Seniors earn rainbow stripes

Assistant Professor of Psychology Nadine Nakamura puts the Gay Straight Alliance’s commemorative sash on senior art major Jacqueline Recendez May 10 in the President’s Dining Room.

Drag queen rules over Dailey Theatre

Covered in a glittering black shroud the Debutantess crossed the stage, a single spotlight following her every move. As she removed her hood, the crowd screamed, growing louder when she tore away her robe revealing a small gold ensemble and curly blonde hair.

Workshops create Safe Zone at ULV

A team of University of La Verne faculty members is seeking to make the campus a safe place for LGBTQ people by offering training workshops to those interested in learning about the issues they face.

ULV re-evaluates gender identity

Five years ago 25-year-old senior liberal arts major Aiden Aizumi underwent a significant transition in his life -- he transitioned from female to male.

Raising awareness for suicide

Junior communications major Armando Tapia expresses his concern about suicide to sophomore kinesiology major Harrison Brethouwer and senior kinesiology major Greg Hoffman at the table for Gay-Straight Alliance and Voices in Action on Tuesday, which was World Suicide Prevention Day.

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