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Helping heal the wounds of war… Johnson exchanges talent for new perspectives and renewed passion

While many University of La Verne students occupied themselves with part-time jobs and classes this summer, senior theater major Erik Johnson spent two and a half weeks in Split, Croatia at the national theater festival.

Excitement of performance drives Gasparian

To Alice Gasparian, actress and University of La Verne alumna, wearing a corset and boxes on her hips is just a part of the job—her night job, that is. Theater actress by night and Universal Studios dresser by day, Gasparian never leaves the acting realm she has loved her entire life.

McElvany acts in Croatian theater

Senior theatre major Scot McElvany called his summer experience in Croatia, “brilliant.”

Theater dreams beckon Williams

Most toddlers, transfixed by television or mesmerized by movies, dream of being actors when they grow up. Stacey Williams never outgrew that dream.

Theater bombing draws Paro home

Georgji Paro, a visiting theater director from Croatia, may return to his homeland earlier than planned due to a bomb that hit the National Theater, which he manages, Tuesday night.

‘Medea’ unmasks human conscience

A modern-day Greek tragedy dealing with human nature and the conflict between emotion and reason is the focus of "Medea," this spring’s theatre production, which opens next week.

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