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Lecture provides insight on decolonization

University of La Verne Honors and French students attended a lecture and tour of a new exhibit at the Fowler Museum of Cultural History at the University of California, Los Angeles Thursday, March 20.

Honor society recognized

The Alpha Lambda Delta honor society received national recognition for the first time at the induction ceremony last week.

Honors society likely to come

The University of La Verne could join the ranks of many other prestigious colleges if they are granted the first year national honors society chapter next 2002 fall semester.

Majors determine projects

Being a senior means graduation is around the corner. But in order to graduate from the University of La Verne, one must complete a senior project.

Cortez brings language experience

Each semester brings new life to the University of La Verne. This new life comes in the form of students, faculty, schedules and classrooms.

Letter to the Editor

Araceli Esparza's article concerning the dismissal of part-time Spanish professor Paul Zarna reminded me of the Gulf War protestations of the press that General Schwarzkopf would not answer every question.

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