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Alumnus shares Gladdys Muir’s accomplishments

During a recent seminar presented by writer, philosopher and La Verne alumnus Jon Hall, titled “Toward World Understanding: The Awakening of Gladdys Muir,” students were given a glimpse into the life of Gladdys Muir, a former La Verne professor who was a prominent figure in the Brethren movement and a peacemaker in society.

Ghostly visitors spook the unaware

As we await All Hallows’ Eve, the night dead souls are rumored to lurk the earth to mingle with witches and mortals alike, let us take a look at the spooky spirits said to roam the University of La Verne campus.

Halloween season brings haunted memories

Local legends of ULV’s past have been passed down from one curious student to the next. Everything from hearing eerie noises, seeing ghostly figures, and cold creepy feelings – similar to walking through the bottom floor of Founders Hall.

Unexplained encounters haunt the University

Despite constant progression toward bigger and better things, the past has a tendency to linger; carrying on through urban legends passed down from one thrill-hungry student to the next.

LV loses longtime administrator

Herbert W. Hogan, respected member of the La Verne community and long time University administrator, died July 2 at the Hillcrest Nursing Center following a lengthy illness. He was 84.

Tales of supernatural haunt ULV

When most mortals think of haunted places, those places generally tend to be abandoned or in an altogether sorry state of repair.

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